Frequently asked questions

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  1. Why Edusava?

    Edusava is a top-notch writing service that allows you to post an assignment which then gets to be worked on by our team of dedicated writers who strive to deliver a quality paper. Edusava as well gives avenue for you to review and rate a given writer based on complete paper uploaded.

  2. How do I place an order?

    After creating a client account, pressing on the ‘CREATE AN ORDER’ button allows you to key in details of your order from no. of pages, subject to deadline. After doing that, your order is created and you now can proceed to hire a writer as their bids will appear below the order you just created.

  3. How do I pick a writer?

    After checking out the various writers and their offers, by pressing the ‘HIRE ME’ button, you confirm hiring a writer to work on your order. A writer profile which you’re advised to check before picking a writer allows you to preview on the writer reviews, rating and experience. This would better inform your decision on whom to entrust your work.

  4. How do I make payment?

    Before hiring a writer, you will be prompted to deposit funds according to the amount offered by your preferred writer. These funds remain on hold and your writer gets paid only when you are satisfied with the outcome. Edusava offers you unlimited revisions and a right to ask for your money back.