Frequently asked questions

For writers

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  1. How do I become a writer?

    To become a writer at Edusava, sign up at the button ‘BECOME A WRITER’ at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions stipulated therein.

  2. How do I place a bid?

    After successfully creating a writer account and getting accredited by the admin, a writer will be able to view orders posted by clients and go ahead to place a bid using the ‘PLACE BID’ button.

  3. What leads to one’s disqualification as a writer?

    When a writer’s final paper bears hallmarks of plagiarism and sub-standard work with little stick to paper instructions, one will be discredited as a writer at Edusava.

  4. How do I receive payment?

    Payments get wired into the writers account once the final paper has been accepted by the customer.

  5. How do I withdraw funds?

    The least withdrawal amount is $5. A writer can withdraw funds through the account balance page.