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The website edusava.com otherwise known as "Edusava" is provided by NOTES WEBSITE No. 636198 which is registered under United States law. Edusava is a platform where you can hire a professional writer to complete your assignment. You only pay when you are satisfied with the outcome from our writers. Edusava guarantees you top quality and original papers at a low price. All our services are conducted online and you do not require to visit us.


User personal information collected by Edusava is used to improve our services and to facilitate communication with our users. Edusava securely keeps user data and does not share it with anyone without seeking consent from the owner. Other information that may be collected from our users may include IP addess and browser type. Such information is used to improve our service.


  1. Writers are expected to provide true and reliable personal information so that they may be accepted to work on this platform. A writer's account may be terminated immediately on realization that it was acquired through the provision of false information.

  2. Edusava allows writers to communicate with their customers and merchants through chat feature. However, exchange of contact information is strictly prohibited.

  3. Good communication is encouraged so as to create a rapport driven service. Edusava does not tolerate any form of offensive or abusive language.

  4. Writers are expected to follow customer instructions and deliver quality work within the stipulated time so as to remain competitive and avoid penalties.

  5. This service does not tolerate any form of plagiarism and it should be avoided at all costs.

  6. Payments in this platform are processed by the administration. Therefore, a customer or merchant is not allowed to pay a writer directly.

  7. Once a writer has been hired, he or she is expected to keep in touch with the customer at all times.


Edusava offers its services solely for personal or reference purposes and should not be channelled to commercial use.


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